Water Review #9: The Portable Oral Irrigator

This water flosser is made by a non-household name which you won’t have heard off and come at a price tag of £29 plus another £4.50 for postage and packing making a total of £33.50.

The makers claim of delivering a water pressure between 30 psi to a high of 120 PSI. When we tested the water pressure on three of these devices, the first one delivered a water pressure of 41 PSI maximum. The second water flosser delivered a maximum water pressure of 38 PSI maximum. The third device delivered a maximum water pressure of only 39 psi. 

This shows that the water pressure as stated in the literature does not stand up to scrutiny. Looking at the device itself, the body is very flimsy but even at the highest setting, a reasonable water jet pressure is not produced which is necessary.

The pressure of the water jet is more like a broken water pistol and therefore unlikely to have any therapeutic benefit whatsoever. Although the overall customer satisfaction rating is less than 80%, the company claims that they have 24-hour customer service for help but they do not actually respond back within this time. 

We sent out 10 separate queries to them and only 6 out of the 10 came back within 3 to 5-days. The responses were just generic and not specific to the query made. 

No response was received at all with the remaining 4, even when the request was recently returned. So if you are going to buy this water flosser, please remember that it does not have any therapeutic clinical benefit to the health of your mouth and if you do have problems with the product, you are likely to receive no support from the company.

The overall rating for this device is just 1 out of 10

1 star rating

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