Water Flosser Review #2: Liberex FC2660S Water Flosser

For this water flossing device, you will pay in total £40 which is £35 for the device itself and £5 standard delivery cost.

These units themselves look fairly impressive and the description talks about the many buttons and functions available.

It does come with 5 different types of nozzle attachments so each member of the family does not need to buy a separate one.

10% of buyers were rated as being not happy to some extent with the product which is unacceptably high. If I knew a product was £40 and there was a 10% chance of being unsatisfactory, and I still wanted the product, I would therefore at least want to see the product being used in real life before purchase.

I made some enquiries to the customer services contact however I only received two responses back from the six I sent. Therefore you should be aware that if you have any problems with this product, you probably will not be able to have any comeback.

It was fairly easy to set up and the controls are easy to follow. One thing that was immediately apparent was that the buttons are not ergonomically designed and if you have arthritis, then you should stay away from this product.

The pressure settings go from 1 to 10 but only the number 10 setting was of any use to remove food debris as the pressures otherwise are far too low. It would take sustained effort to try to remove all food debris between teeth and only a minimal amount of plaque was removed interdentally.

Overall, it is not the worst water flosser device for around £40 but it is no substitute to proper brushing, manual string flossing or interdental brushing and simply just going to the dentist for a proper diagnosis.

An interesting point to note is that the company claims that the device has “orthodontic tips for orthotics.”

Orthotics is certainly not in the dental vocabulary as this refers to feet! There are also various other spelling mistakes such as using the term memory fonction.

Overall, this product is amateurish and gets a mark of 2 out of 10.

2 star rating

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