How Long Do Veneers Last Part 1


Updated: Feb 2019 Porcelain dental veneers have not been around in dentistry for that long compared to other types of dental treatments such as silver fillings, gold fillings, crowns and dentures. When dental veneers first came out around 25 years ago, they were a major innovation in dentistry. Dental veneers were initially researched in the …

10 Complications Following Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

10 Complications Following the Extraction of Wisdom Teeth Complications after ordering wisdom teeth extractions are fairly common. Some complications are fairly minor, however, others can be more serious with some being permanent and even life-threatening. So here is a list of the ten most common complications following from ordering wisdom tooth extractions. Number one: bleeding …

Why Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Taken Out – Part 1

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Updated: December 2018 Problems with impacted wisdom teeth relate to infection of the Operculum Periconitis – decay in the wisdom tooth, decay in the adjacent teeth, food packing and gum disease. Let’s look at each of these problems that can occur with impacted wisdom teeth in turn. Infection of the Operculum As mentioned previously, the …